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BrainPad status update


You are mixing things. TinyCLR firmware and MakeCode are 2 complete different things. I2C wires fine in TinyCLR. To use TinyCLR, use the Go Beyond instructions. The firmware is below (keep the loader you recently loaded)


In, v0.11.0.uf2 doesn’t appear (As TinyClr is just out, I think all docs aren’t up to date.)


Correct. We will be updating the BrainPad docs this week, which is why I gave your direct link to the download… You are very special :wink:


My brainpad can count ! Yes ! So I can confirm I2C works great in TinyClr.

Many thanks !


Hello Gus,
Yesterday, I read your exchanges with my colleague Bauland and tested MakeCode and TinyCLR on BrainPad. I succeeded with v0.10.0. Today, I read in detail the Go Beyond documentation (Introduction, Setup and C #). It’s very clear and educational. v0.11.0 is in the box. :sunglasses: Thanks for the efforts of the GHI team. You stay my favorite company…:heart_eyes:


Glad to hear. We are not yet working on the curriculum and tutorials and other teaching materials. We need everyone help if interested.


If I can help, it will be with pleasure but my English is not very good.:disappointed_relieved:


All teachers need a BrainPad but not all teachers speak English. You can help in your language :wink:


I planned to write a tutorial in French. Some ideas to come …:wink:


This may be of interest to you MNO. Especially as we build more and more projects in Microsoft MakeCode.


Thanks for the information. I created an account on Crowding and asked to join the Microsoft MakeCode translators team…:smile:


This has been fixed on the beta site.

forever(function () {
    if (input.buttonU.wasPressed()) {
        display.showString("Hello world", 1)
    } else {
        display.showString("Hello world", 3)


@Greg_Norris: Display is fixed but accel events don’t work (accelerometer tutorial):

input.onGesture(Gesture.TiltUp, function () {
input.onGesture(Gesture.TiltDown, function () {