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BrainPad status update


The BrainPad now has 2 standard options to program, make code and visual studio. We call those “start making” and “go beyond”. Both are great options and each served a defined purpose.

The new website reflects the above

I know I know, when can we buy a BrainPad? We have made one final change to the reset circuitry. The production BrainPad now enters the loader mode by simply holding the reset button down for 3 seconds. This is being tested now and production starts right when or engineers give us the thumbs up.


Wonderful news.


I try this:

But in emulator, I can’t see any red light. I’ve done a mistake ?


The best way to share would be to click on the javascript tab and then paste your code here.

We will test it out, thanks.


Good advice !

forever(function () {
    if (input.buttonU.wasPressed()) {
        display.showString("Hello world", 1)
    } else {
        display.showString("Hello world", 3)


In the code you have, it is checking if the button WAS pressed, and not IS pressed. They are currently two different blocks. The display currently still has an I2C issue, so you won’t see anything on the physical BrainPad screen yet.

forever(function () {
    if (input.buttonU.isPressed()) {
        display.showString("Hello world", 1)
    } else {
        display.showString("Hello world", 3)


@Gus_Issa: Is it possible to use BP2 Rev A ?


Subtile difference, and I don’t see it, thanks for tips !
But it doesn’t change anything on emulator: red color is never display.


No. You will need to hold the left button down while resetting the board. See this


I think I must wait for next firmware: virtual drive doesn’t appear.


Did you go through the troubleshooting guide? I am sure you have an old bootloader.


Was is the semantics of “was pressed”? The software remembers that the button was pressed, even after released, and remains “was pressed” until it is was queried?


Was pressed detects when the button is pressed one time. It returns true only once. You will need to release the button and repress it to get “true” again.


You are right … as Always ! :wink:
As I have 2.0.4 bootloader, I was thinking it is newer than 1.0.2 brainpad bootloader.
Now --> MakeCode !


Event with button are easy to use.
But I’ve found some bugs:

  • shake, face up, … functions doesn’t work and made program to crash ?
  • display doesn’t work too. Perhaps some I2C or SPI bugs.

Downloading file to put on brainpad are very easy to use. And my daughter want to stole my Brainpad ! :smile:


Yep, that’s what I said. :grinning:


There was a change recently that broke I2C, which in turn broke the display and accelerometer. We are fixing it still.


That was the GHI Electronics loader, that works with FEZ config for example. The BrainPad had it own loader, which works very differently.


That’s what I discover this day !

Ok, it explains situation.


Now I am waiting for TinyClr firmware 0.11.0 for Brainpad… (I hope I2C will be fixed in it).