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Wondering about the Glide designer


I am still using the Glide Designer which is now relegated to

When I go to this link, there is a banner warning that this legacy website will be taken offline at the end of the year.

How can I get the designer? Is there a new designer to take its place? I have projects that rely on it.

Forgive me if this is already answered, I searched around but didn’t see anything addressing this.



you can hand-write Glide screens (although it’s not as simple, obviously). That’ll not go away :wink:


I stumbled across something about Gravicode/TinyCLR.Glide.

Maybe this is the answer, but would be nice if I could get a copy of Glide to run locally.
I would probably even pay for it with the source code - would be nice…


download file (for use locally)

download player

and use locally “or via HTML”


We haven’t gotten to glide yet but we have added WPF subset in the current release. And you have already seen the community contribution to being glide to TinyCLR.

One thing I have done before is to make a window in XAML and then once I am happy, copy the numbers manually to my embedded project. This way, you get a designer to see what things look like beforehand.


@valon -> for some reason I am “Forbbiden” from accessing the player from my server…
Maybe I can get it later somehow…

@Gus -> thanks for the info, I never did XAML but could take a look.


Hi Dave, I have a few downloads of Glide Studio which was written by the late Pasi Elo (Blackdogspark on our forum) and I can upload this to my website and send you the link. I’ll need to dig through my downloads to find the latest version. It’s not perfect but it does make working with Glide under the old NETMF a lot easier. The links to this are no longer active on the old GHI forum so hopefully I can find the ZIP files I last downloaded.


And I have some of them too @Dave_McLaughlin although if I remember, the N-1 was the one to use as there was some quirk that wasn’t easy to work around in the last version we saw…


Yes, I currently use the 2nd last version too. I did contact Pasi about the source as he was thinking to make it open. Sadly, I didn’t get that chance to get it.


another things on codeshare that i found (Glide 1.0.4 version designer - source code)

Motif is an open source, plug-in based, GUI design tool that allows you to drag and drop controls for your application.


Thanks Dave and all of you for your help, really appreciate it!
I hope I can add something of value one day instead of just always looking for support…