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Who should get a free BrainPad?


The BrainPad is going to start shipping next week. There are a few heros in our community that will get a FREE BrainPad. Who are these heros?

Here is your chance to give back! Please point out other members that you think deserve a free BrainPad. Maybe even tell us why they should and how they have helped you before.


i want it freeee “i’m could not be an hero since i too late became a member and still no help this community”

My list and reason


You can’t vote for yourself but I vote for you as you did help a lot :wink:


Here is my list in alphabetical order:

Added to the list: @MNO (Reasons: 1)he voted for me, 2) His great Brainpad Contributions in CodeShare)




@ianlee74 - needs no further justification


@Gus, Please don’t ship one to me, as it won’t come with an invoice, and customs will seize it.

I think:



@Mike - he requires no introduction. A model netizen that all should aspire to imitate.

BTW, I was going to suggest you just take the ‘Users’ page and sort by ‘hearts’ received. However, that page appears to be badly broken…


Also, I don’t think he’s registered on this forum yet and he was rarely active on the other but James Lemmons deserves one. I know him personally and he’s been teaching programming workshops at schools using the BrainPad and I know he has another one coming up. Not as chatty as us on here but a real boots-on-the-ground community hero. Let me know if you need contact info.


I don’t vote for myself but I think help a little.:innocent:


You need to get James on this forum :slight_smile: so we can help him whenever he needs it and he can contribute here as well.


I sent him the same message just this morning. :wink:


While I appreciate being named as a potential recipient of a BrainPad unless you put some Korean on it, security is just going to confiscate it (something about helping us focus) as the current focus around the lab at the moment is toys that some pudgy insane dictator thinks he has (fortunately or unfortunately the other insane pudgy wannabe dictator doesn’t know what he has), however I’d suggest in no particular order



@Justin was an early adopter of the new TinyCLR OS on other hardware, and has younger kids, so is probably a good target, and @MNO for his focus on Brainpad already.


Thanks for those who put my name up for but I am just over worked just now and little time to play with anything new. I even have an Atmel ATSAM board to port TinyCLR that is going to have to wait a few months.


Can I down vote those who really aren’t worthy?


I was on holidays that why I have missed some message. I try to forget none !
My list and reason (unordered):


(needz more characterz)


I have just received mine ! I can’t wait to test it !


Some news of my free BrainPad !
Today I upgraded my tutorial, originally written for NetMF. Everything works on TinyCLR. More work to update library documentation but ready for back to school!