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Translating beginners guide ebook to other languages


1st step is to sign up with crowdin here


That is already done.
But we didn’t know that Brainpad is now available.


Here is the direct link to the Crowdin French blocks, completed and still missing, in BrainPad. You’ll have to create a CrowdIn account. Then you’ll have to submit to join the translating team. You’ll see the links when you try to click any of their links.

Of note, changing the fr# in the URL to any other language will show the missing translation in other languages on the makecode Brainpad website.

I know we have the German translation of the book on the website. Those interested in working with the BrainPad blocks for example would link here.


@Gus_Issa some people asked when the German translation is available for download


We are still updating the website but here it is, thanks :wink:


All four versions of the book are up to date and live on the site: English, German, Russian, and French. If you have further changes to make, please make sure to use the docx currently on the site so you have the latest version (as we sometimes make minor changes ourselves).


This is fantastic. Only if we had the Spanish version finished… Hint hint @jcplaza_wiseaccess_c


Hi Gus. I am really ashamed for not been able to finish the job yet. New regulations for the electrical industry have rocketed the demand for smart grid solutions here in Chile and that has had a direct impact on my workload. But I’m not giving up. Spanish translation is coming…


A beer to give courage :beer: :joy:


Today I finally finished the spanish translation, thanks to our Independence Day holidays which gave me the time.
Tomorrow I’ll do a final review before sending it by email during the day. Then I’ll celebrate with a beer. I commited myself not to drink a beer until finishing the translation, so I’m really thirsty.


Great and happy holiday to you


Hi Gus. I sent the translated document by email to you (“Gus Issa” Please let me know if you have any problems receiving it, or with it in any way.

Best regards. Now I leave because there is a beer waiting for me :wink:


Cheers :beers:


Good job ! :beers:


The Spanish translation is now live on, thanks to @jcplaza_wiseaccess_c for the contribution!


the translation links are broken:


links for all languages are found at the bottom of this page