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Ethernet and TLS 1.2 Support for TinyCLR


The E-mail delivery service Sparkpost depricated TLS v1.0 support some weeks ago. Since NETMF only supports TLS v1.0 it is not longer possible to send e-mails via Sparkpost from my Spider / Cobra III devices. Can you already give some information, when Ethernet support with TLS 1.2 will be available for TinyCLR?
Will it also be available for your older mainboards (e.g. Spider/Cobra III) ?
Kind regards


Built-in ethernet and TLS will not be available in the 1.0 release coming soon, though we are investigating it for a later release. Keep in mind we only build official firmwares for supported devices.

That said, for devices that have a built in secure networking stack, like the FEZ and new UCMs, you can certainly communicate with those services today.


Thanks. So for now we are limited to WiFi for all network communication.


TinyCLR gives you a way to hook in networking devices that have built in stacks. You can connect WiFi/cell/ethernet or whatever and it will become exposed as standard socket, with glue code of course. For Ethernet for example, you can use Wiznet chips. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any device on the market today that has Ethernet with TLS.


Strange, that apparently nobody implemented an Ethernet Module with embedded TLS.


Yes very strange! There is definitely market for such product.


there some GPL2

just need to take part needed and publish for everyone if not used for commercial




Do. your think that it is easily possible to adapt these libraries to TinyCLR/NETMF?


You can easily load native code on TinyCLR. I really like how it works.


Another ones
Or (with support tls 1.3 too)


I’d be the first to spend 100 $ to the first person (GHI excluded) who successfully adapts a TLS 1.2 open source library and TCP/IP Stack to an Ethernet Shield for TinyCLR and FEZ-Mainboard.
The “dot on the i” would be, if the SPWF04S WiFi Module could be used to do the kryptographic work.
Here is another interesting link:


Wiznet had some code already doing something similar. They use their TCP chip and then handle SSL in software. This was years ago, before TLS.

I think embed TLS library is a good option since ARM is behind it.


@RoSchmi you may want to know that nanoFramework has support for SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.


Thanks for the information. I’ll have a look.